About OIRL

O’odua Infraco Resources Limited

The Nigerian Communication Company (NCC) licensed O’odua Infraco Ltd (OIRL) in 2018 to provide and operate on a wholesale basis on Open Access Metropolitan Fibre Network in the South West area of Nigeria. The licence has tenure of 20years and subject to automatic renewal. We are focused on delivering three layers open access model that allow for separation of roles and responsibility.

Sample background

We shall provide price that are regulated, wholesale layer, 2 metropolitan fibre access within the South Western Nigeria licensed zone, on an open-access, non-discriminatory basis to access seekers. These services shall be end-to-end (PoA to PoA) metro fibre within the South Western part of Nigeria. The South Western part of Nigeria licensed by the Nigeria Communication Commission comprises of six states. This is a Cocoa rich region of Nigeria. The southwest region of Nigeria’s population is estimated of forty million

Who we Are
O’odua Infraco Resources Limited (OIRL) established as an Infraco Consortium to develop high speed and efficient Fibre Optic Cable (FOC) Open Access Network (OAN) across the South-West region of Nigeria, interconnecting to other Infraco’s where necessary in order to establish a National coverage via region-to-region interconnection.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our country achieve National broadband coverage by providing a wide range of Open Access Network (OAN) services at a cost-effective wholesale pricing to Retail Service Providers (RSPs), which will in turn serve over 20million customers in the South West geopolitical zone of Nigeria.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading provider of Open Access Network and deploy 20,000 km of Fibre Optic in the South Western Nigeria, known for its reliability and social responsibility.

OIRL Infrastructure layer

  • (Layer 1) Layer 1 operators are responsible for the design, building and operations of the passive NBN infrastructure (e.g. rollout of fibre, maintenance of ducts, hand holes and manholes).
  • (Layer 2) Layer 2 operators are responsible for the design, building and operations of the active NBN infrastructure (e.g. terminal equipments, optic fibre electronics, routers, switches, data centres).