We are developing a fibre infrastructure that is suitable for Mobile Network Operators, ISPs, and Institutions to create expansion opportunities for other network companies. The Open Access business model is now winning ground globally as governments and municipalities find the concept of offering competition between providers appealing as the freedom of choice for the subscribers is essential. It has also proved to be a feasible way to connect rural areas where service providers might have a hard time generating enough revenue to justify investing in their own network infrastructure. O’odua Infraco Ltd (Layer 1 and Layer 2) is licensed, geographically focused entities. O’odua Infraco Ltd shall provide wholesale Layer 2 transmission services on a non-discriminatory, open access, price regulated basis. O’odua Infraco Ltd may also provide Layer 1 (dark fibre) services on commercial basis. O’odua Infraco Ltd shall focus on the deployment of metropolitan and regional fibre and provide end-to-end transmission services, to be available at points of access (PoAs), to access seekers. O’odua Infraco Ltd will be leveraging on existing inter-city fibre to deploy their services, purchase/lease transmission or long haul fibre capacity from other providers where available for the purpose of interconnection, as well as connect to international bandwidth providers.